Monthly Archives: January 2017

Successfully Reinforce Ethical Behavior in the Workplace

In order to have a successful business where employees are productive and happy, your company must follow a code of ethics, and see to it that ethical conduct in the workplace is encouraged among everyone.  When you see unethical behavior in the workplace, it’s important to take immediate steps to correct the behavior and stop […]

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5 of the Best High Paying Jobs for Military Veterans

There are over 200,000 military veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce each year, and too many of them struggle to find employment.  Military service members develop strong skills and experience rapid growth during the years they serve, and can bring high value to many jobs in the United States.  Faced with the challenge of transitioning […]

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The Key to Providing Better Multichannel Customer Service

Customer service is still as important as ever, but the nature of it has changed.  These days, most customers prefer to find the products and services they want and purchase them through web self-service, as opposed to devoting the extra time and hassle often involved in having to go through a customer service agent.  That […]

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