College Not for You? The Best Paying Jobs Without a Degree

best paying jobs without a degreeCollege is a great option for some people.  But if you don’t truly want it or need it for your future goals, it may not be worth taking on the financial burden.  The Idaho Department of Labor recently conducted research which found that the average bachelor’s degree in the United States costs $127,000. also recently reported that the average class of 2016 graduate has college loan debt totaling $37, 172.

Depending on the field of study, the cost of college can pay off with the money earned from the student’s career in the long run.  But there are other options out there that still allow you to bring in a high income without having to make an investment in college.  Below are four of the best paying jobs you can get without a college degree.  These jobs can be salaried or high paying hourly jobs, and only require a high school diploma.

1)  Dental Assistant

Dental assistants help dentists with patient care, often preparing patients for treatment and aiding with dental procedures.  They help patients feel comfortable, sterilize instruments and assist in laboratory tasks and X-rays.  They also may be required to perform various administrative duties.  For those that enjoy working with people, this is one of the best paying jobs without a college degree.  Aside from a high school diploma, all that is required is a certification from an accredited program.  The average hourly rate for dental assistants is $17, and the average annual salary is $35,000.

Dental assistant jobs in New York, NY

Dental assistant jobs in San Francisco, CA

2)  First-Line Construction Supervisor

If you are in good physical shape and feel comfortable in a construction environment, this is one of the best paying jobs without a degree.  As a first-line construction supervisor, you oversee and coordinate the activities of the construction staff, making sure their work is completed correctly and on time.  You are also in charge of locating and preparing construction sites and machinery, and reading blueprints to plan the specifics of a job.  In this job, it’s important to always be aware of safety standards and procedures.  The average hourly rate for first-line construction supervisors is $20 an hour.  This can be a very high paying hourly job if you work overtime.  The average salary is about $55,000.

Construction supervisor jobs in New York, NY

Construction supervisor jobs in San Francisco, CA

3)  Mail Carrier

Despite developments in technology over the years, mail carriers are still a very integral part of American society.  They also have one of the best paying jobs without a college degree.   Aside from delivering mail to homes and businesses, mail carriers are responsible for ensuring mail is securely transported.  They also must keep track of people on their delivery route that are on vacation and need mail held, and any changes of address.  The average hourly rate for mail carriers is about $27 per hour, and the average salary is about $50,000.  Since this is a government job, you are also likely to receive quality benefits.

Mail carrier jobs in New York, NY

Mail carrier jobs in San Francisco, CA

4)  Service Sales Representative

There are many kinds of services people need out there, and the demand is high for sales representatives that have the right kind of personality and work ethic to attract a high volume of customers.  This one of the best paying jobs you can get without a degree, and you have a variety of industries to choose from.  Some of the most popular industries include healthcare, telecommunications and information technology.  If you become familiar as possible with the service you are selling and make a lot of professional connections along the way, a career as a service sales representative can be very lucrative in the long run.  The average hourly pay is $14 an hour, and the average salary is about $34,000.

Service sales representative jobs in New York, NY

Service sales representative jobs in San Francisco, CA

Author: Jessica Cody

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