How and Where to Find Summer Seasonal Jobs in 2018

how and where to find summer seasonal jobsLast year brought the highest teen employment numbers for summer seasonal jobs since 2013, and with the economy continuing to improve, 2018 is also likely to bring many opportunities to those in need of summer employment.  Many high school and college students need income for spending money, and with the cost of college increasing many are saving for their education.  Besides income, summer seasonal jobs offer other benefits to teens, giving them the chance to learn time management, gain people skills, and get the professional experience they need.  If you want to land a summer job that matches your interests and/or career aspirations, it’s best to get your job search started as early as possible.  Here are some tips on how and where to find summer jobs:

1)  Consider the types of jobs that interest you

There are many options for summer seasonal jobs.  If you want fun in the sun, go to your local beaches, country clubs, summer camps, golf courses and amusement parks to see what positions are open.  You could be a lifeguard, cook, food and beverage server, camp counselor, etc.  Or you may consider doing an internship at a company that interests you, such as a healthcare facility, consumer business or government office.  And retail jobs are still a viable option for summer jobs.  Make a list of big companies that interest you and look at what small businesses are in your area.

2)  Apply online and in person

To increase your chances of landing the summer job you want, it’s best to apply online and follow up in person to show you are truly interested.  When you apply for summer seasonal jobs online, you will need to fill out online applications, and in some cases you may need a resume and/or cover letter.  To help you determine where to find summer jobs, sign up for email alerts on based on the companies, industries and positions you want.  To be the first to know what jobs open up at your favorite companies, follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn, become a fan of their Facebook page, and engage with them on other social media networks.  Also check the newspaper to see what local businesses are hiring.

3)  Network with family and friends

One of the best strategies for how to find summer seasonal jobs is to ask family, friends and colleagues to help you get the word out.  Ask them to let their friends and co-workers know you are job searching.  Tell them what type of job or company you are looking for and have them search through their connections on LinkedIn and other social networks to see if they know anyone that may be able to help you.  Another source that may know where to find summer seasonal jobs that match your interests is your guidance counselor (if you are in high school) or the career services office at your college.

4)  Consider starting your own business

If you don’t want to work for someone else, you are never too young to become an entrepreneur.  If you have a knack for babysitting, mowing lawns or cleaning houses, create business cards and post flyers at local restaurants, coffee shops, and recreational centers in your community.  If you are an artist, knit or create jewelry, there are plenty of online marketplaces such as,, and where you can sell your creations.  If you are talented academically or in other areas such as music or tennis, you can consider tutoring or giving lessons. Advertise your services online on websites like,, or

Click below for summer seasonal jobs in:

New York, NY

San Francisco, CA

Columbus, OH

Detroit, MI

Miami, FL

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How and Where to Find Summer Seasonal Jobs in 2018
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How and Where to Find Summer Seasonal Jobs in 2018
Here are some tips on how and where to find summer jobs in 2018: 1) Consider the types of jobs that interest you 2) Apply online and in person 3) Network with family and friends…
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